The psychological support

relaxed-woman[1]The fear of the dentist – dentophobia – is a quite common fear.

For some people this fear is so big that they do not go to the dentist’s at all and by doing this they jeopardize their mouth health.
It is important to overcame this fear. Useful steps can be taken by creating the conditions for a good alliance between the patient and the doctor.

To this purpose it is important to understand what the patient looks for and what he fears. So it is possible to go at his own pace, to dispel his doubts and to lower his fear level.
The patient is unique. He is considered a person, not a “mouth” to be treated. This is why the solutions are found on a case-by-case basis.

The psychologist listens to the patient and tries to find out with him what disturbs and frighten him. Then, according to the circumstances, he takes the necessary steps to remove the fear at the root, or to help him communicate with the dentist and try to find solutions with him.

The psychological support is given in cooperation with:
Dr. Claudia Bonfanti, Psychologist
mobile: +39 328 4290119

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