Professional tooth bleaching

sbiancamento-1Nowadays how you look like is essential. Your smile is like a visit card. It is the first thing which gives the others an idea of you.

“Beautiful and bright teeth make you look younger, more self-confident and more attractive.”

Tooth bleaching is a non-invasive aesthetical treatment which can considerably improve the look of your smile.
The tooth colour mainly depends on a genetic component, but it depends also on lifestyle (smoke, coffee, etc.) and on ageing.
Unlike what is usually believed, the colour of the teeth does not depend on the email, that is to say on the most outer layer of the teeth. It depends instead on the dentine, which is the underlying layer of the teeth and is composed of a less compact and opaque mineral tissue, which shows its colour through the email.
The tooth bleaching is carried out by the dental hygienist in the clinic after a few days from the professional tooth cleaning, which is needed to remove tartar, plaque and pigmentations and therefore to achieve the best result.
In our dental clinic we make an innovative treatment by using a gel containing hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), BlancOne®, which is then activated through a professional bleaching led lamp, the arch lamp “Arcus”.


Thanks to the energy provided through the light and to special photosensitizers, the bleaching ingredient is divided into highly reactive oxygen at “light speed” and pierces through the email until it reaches the dentine, which is the tissues to be bleached.

This technique allows to considerably reduce both times and concentrations. This bleaching treatment has no side effects and ensures an effective, natural and lasting bleaching.

How is the professional bleaching carried out?
sbiancamento (1)

Here is the bleaching procedure:
– Initial professional oral hygiene (“cleaning”)
– choice if the teeth colour (by comparing the teeth colour with a specific standard scale of colours)
– picture of the teeth before the treatment (useful for a post-bleaching comparison)
– application of the hydrogen-peroxide-based bleaching gel
–teeth irradiation through the led light
– repeated applications of the bleaching gel under the supervision of the hygienist during the same treatment.
– gel removal
– picture of the bleached teeth after the treatment and comparison with the previous shot.


The best bleaching effect can be seen after a few days from the treatment.


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