Sedation through tranquilizers

Sedation through tranquilizers before an anaesthetist

This technique consists of giving the patient the common tranquilizers or anxiolytics which are usually used for treating agitation and insomnia, such as Diazepam (commercial name Valium) or Midazolam (commercial name Ipnovel,). These drugs are given to the patient by an anaesthetist.
This kind of sedation, which is absolutely safe for the patient, is usually used for the most complex therapies (implants, positioning of all the teeth in a day, raising of the maxillary sinus, regeneration,etc. ), for old patients or for cardiopathic, diabetic and hypertensive patients.
The patient is sedated but remains awake and able to cooperate during all the treatment. Obviously the drugs are given together with the usual local anaesthesia.

The presence of the anaesthetist, who takes care of the patient general health conditions and steadily controls the vital parameters, ensures the best safety for the patient and allows the dentist to easily work and to concentrate just on the dental treatment.



The conscious sedation through benzodiazepine not only completely reduces fear and pain but in some cases can also provoke a light amnesia ofr what is going on during the treatment, thus making the experience even more psychologically stressing for the patient.

For the patient the treatment is painless.

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