X-Ray Examinations

tac-01The clinic is equipped with a digital technology which allows to make accurate diagnostic examinations, thus reducing the x-ray exposure of the patient.

Cone Beam is the brand new dental TAC system, which has deeply transformed the digital radiology and dentistry world.

In fact, it allows to make a3D reconstruction of the bone and of the soft tissues, thus considerably reducing the quantity in comparison with a traditional TAC (dentascan) and with the same quality and picture precision (the quantity is reduced 25 to 90 times in comparison with a traditional TAC).

And all this always by using the 3D reconstruction procedure and with an absolute uniformity of the full-scale measurements.

Moreover, for children the quantity is even more reduced through the specific paediatric exposure programme.

Thanks to the 3D acquisition, the information is more detailed in comparison with the information from a arch panoramic radiography.

This new diagnostic system allows to have real time 3D pictures, so the doctor can make an accurate and immediate diagnosis.

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