Sedation through nitrous oxide

Sedation through nitrous oxide and oxygen
bambini-con-mascherineIt is carried out by means of a special device (sedation machine) which dispenses a mix of nitrogen and oxygen. The patient simply breaths through a mask which stets on his nose. After a little time he feels pleasantly fully relaxed, but he is still awake and can cooperate with the dentist.

This technique has been known and used for decades and now also in Italy it is being used more and more frequently. It consists of a mix of oxygen and nitrogen (the so called laughing gas), which leads to a complete relax and a light euphoria.
Of course this method causes a sensitivity and pain reduction as well as relax during the whole treatment. The effect is nearly immediate: the patient has a pleasant lightness and wellness feeling, even though he is perfectly awake. Fear and stress gradually reduce, time goes on more quickly and thoughts are pleasant.

The conscious sedation through nitrous oxide is an absolutely safe method. In fact, the nitrous oxide is not toxic, it is not metabolized through the organism and is completely eliminated through breathing. In addition to this, it does not cause any allergy. For this reasons it is particularly recommended for children, who are usually afraid of the dentist and therefore hardly cooperate with him.

To ensure the patient safety the clinic has decided to cooperate with an anaesthetist who is skilled in dental treatments. This allows the dentist to concentrate only on what he has to do and therefore to reduce duration and number of the total treatments.


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