implantologiaThe complement of teeth is essential not only for the mastication. It is important also for the phonation.
Moreover, having healthy, beautiful teeth is aesthetically very important, above all for those who are in direct contact with the people and make of their look one of their trump cards.
Loosing teeth may be a very big problem.
Edentulousness, , be it partial or total (lack of few teeth or lack of whole dental arches) affects the everyday life in many ways and therefore should be faced as soon as possible.
Implantology can help solve this problem. In fact it gives the opportunity to replace the loosen teeth with dental implants. But what are actually the dental implants?
Teeth can fall because of traumas or as a consequence of some illnesses.
Implants make the patient smile again and enable him to properly chew again.
Dental implants are composed of two main elements: a titanium root, which is inserted into the jawbones or into the mandibular bones, and an abutment, which connects the inserted implant and the denture.
Thanks to the presence of titanium, which has osteointegrative and biocompatible features, the organism does not trigger ill-omened self-defence mechanisms such as rejection.
Titanium ensures such a high biocompatibility that pins can be inserted and dentures can be hooked during a single operation (immediate loading implantology).
Nowadays implant insertions are far quicker and safer than in the past. This is an advantage for patients, who have their edentulousness problems solved at once, and an advantage for dentists, too, who, thanks to the new technologies such as computer driven implantology, can make simpler, quicker operations.
Modern implantology has now reached really high levels.
In Italy a lot of professionals have been taking up the progresses of this particular branch of the dentistry from the beginning.
Techniques such as immediate loading implantology, electrowelded implantology and transmucosal implantology have opened up new horizons.
And all thanks to the application of modern devices, which has helped improve the diagnostic and the purely clinic aspects.
Recently some teams of doctors have begun to experiment an even more innovative technique: the all-on-four implantology.
Thanks to this innovative technology, the dentist can even make just four holes in the patient’s bones and give so the denture a stable rest.
Just four holes carry the denture, as the denomination “all-on-four” implies.
Finally, we can say that medicine has often made use of new technologies and we hope that this synergy can be so active in the future, too. In fact, it is only the development of medicine that ensures the preservation of the human species and the eradication of many bad diseases, which will be just a mere memory in the future.

What is the immediate loading implantology?

The immediate loading implantology is a very innovative surgical operation, which offers many advantages for both patients and doctors.
The immediate loading implantology is used to solve edentulousness problems by replacing lost teeth with dental elements, which have been carefully studied on each clinical case.
The operative protocol of the immediate loading implantology has decisively revolutionised surgical operations, above all as far as timing is concerned.
As a matter of fact, before the arrival of the immediate loading implantology protocols such as postponed loading, which requires the division of the operation into two parts, were used.
During the first part of the operation the doctor inserted into the patient’s jawbones or mandibular bones what is called the dental implants.
Implants are the hooking points of the denture inside the oral cavity. They are little conical or screw metal objects, which are inserted into the missing tooth seat.
After the insertion doctors had to wait three to six months to keep the osteointegration levels of the metal with the organism under control.
In fact, the organism may trigger self-defence mechanisms such as the rejection, which are negative for the operation.
With the immediate loading implantology you needn’t wait three to six months. The denture can be applied immediately after inserting the implants.
The achievements are more than satisfactory. Titaniumproves to be a very good material for making implants because it has excellent biocompatible and osteointegrative features, which jeopardize the risk of rejection.

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